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Williams Construction Update for March

Currently we have two jobs under construction, and we are happy for the work. Our 6 man crew, run by our son Ted, is building a 3,600 square foot craftsman style home at the Whitehawk Range Golf Resort. We have been working on it through the winter and we were lucky enough to get the roof done before the big storm hit us the last week of February. We are now inside and John and Debbie Cavin seem excited about their new place.

The second job we started is a 1,400 square foot hand-hewn square timber log home with a detached 2 car garage in Graeagle. We were able to clear the lot while the weather was so perfect for three weeks in February and then after some big weather we were unable to do more. Dennis and Sheila Lund are looking forward to getting started as soon as the snow melts off their lot on their new cabin in the mountains.

These two projects and a few small repair jobs will keep us going through part of the summer and we are hoping to get awarded another contract that we are currently bidding for in Gold Mountain. Wish us luck!!!

Ice Lakes Lodge

Building Ice Lakes Lodge was a unique endeavor. It took us 13 months to build the project from breaking ground to our grand opening day. This was about half the time it took to procure the funding for the project. Getting the construction loan was the hardest part.

With the loan in hand from Citizens Bank of Nevada City and the plans from MWA Architects, we started in the fall and went as fast as we could to race to the roof. The lodge is a simple chalet style structure but with huge structural iron and giant glue lam beam content it was a quite a task. With a 20-man crew we were able to sheath the roof by November 1st and get out of the snow. We spent the next 10 months completing the 26 room lodge, bar and restaurant on what was basically a shoe-string budget and somehow made it to the end. All in all this was a fun job.

Ice Lakes Lodge article 1

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