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Ice Lakes Lodge

Williams Construction built Ice Lakes Lodge because many of the local homeowners in Serene Lakes on Donner Summit (near Truckee) were tired of the old, run down Serene Lakes Lodge that was pulling down their property values. Local residents needed a quality general contractor that they had a lasting relationship with and who could deliver the skilled craftsmanship needed for a new 21,000 square foot lodge. To meet this need, Williams Construction created a small private corporation and in a grassroots effort raised construction funds to tear down the old lodge and build the new Ice Lakes Lodge. Matt and Victoria Williams and the locals voted to give it back its original name from the forties.  They owned and (with the help of shareholders) operated this 26- room lodge, restaurant and bar for five years. This gave Williams Construction some extremely valuable experience in commercial, restaurant, bar and hotel construction and resulted in more work of this kind.