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Fasani House

Connie Fasani is a repeat customer. We built her first vacation home on Donner Lake in Truckee in 2001 designed by Greg Faulkner and at the time she also owned a small cabin on a separate lot behind it. A few years ago she decided that it was finally a good time to raise the little run down cabin in back and construct a custom home on the lot. It’s a small but clever home designed by Truckee architect Mike Mason of MWA Associates. This personalized home has many cool little extras. Connie’s idea of the used tin roof material from the existing cabin that we tore down was a winner and looks great and ads to the craftsmanship of the home. This innovative design is an example of complex building and how to use a small difficult lot and space to your best advantage. Connie liked this new home so much that she moved in permanently. Many thanks to Connie for letting us come back and work for her a second time!