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New Construction

2013 Summer Update from Williams Construction

Williams Construction worked through the winter in Meeks Bay. Meeks Bay is on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and the project started out as a simple couple of repairs and rapidly turned into a complicated remodel that included a large stone work project of stone stairs and stone faced retaining walls. We remodeled the bathrooms, the boat dock, exterior decks, roofing and siding. It turned into a good job with excellent views of the lake and took us into the summer months.

Currently on our project list is a new start in Truckee right on the river. We will build a garage addition with living space above for Tony and Valerie Lofrano. We are looking forward to starting this one and send our congratulations to the Lofrano’s for finally getting their permit, which was a tough endeavor.

We have also been awarded the Graeagle Fire Station 2 which is a custom firehouse building in the Whitehawk Ranch golf community that Williams Construction designed. This was a public works bid and we are happy to have been the winning bidder. This project gets going right away and will be a good usable addition to the community. Look for us out on Highway 89 just past Whitehawk.

Most importantly……. look for us in this month’s issue of the prestigious Mountain Living Magazine. There is an 8 page article of the Bolt house in Grizzly Ranch and this article shows a few of the key elements. We are proud to be in it! (See the full article below)

Happy Building ~ The Williams Family

Bolt House Completion


“Detail” is the most common word used to describe this home that we finally completed for Paul and Rebecca Bolt in Grizzly Ranch.  It is a small home that they call their jewel box but, it took awhile to build as it is full of  little intricacies.

The home is very green in most ways but not in some. With lots of materials imported from overseas (China and Indonesia) most of the materials in this home are reclaimed.

Paul Bolt is an Importer by trade and was able to provide us with carvings made from 100 plus year old reclaimed teak. The carvings are replicas of Norwegian carvings from many different sources in Norway and other locations in Europe or as he aptly calls it “the land of blue eyes”.

The timbers inside and outside of the house are all reclaimed 100 year old barn timbers from a couple of different barns sourced from Carlson’s Barn Wood in Illinois. I believe the original barn came from Canada. The stone floors are 500 year old Chinese temple stones and are 2″ solid granite. The Patio is 4″ solid granite. The fireplace and chimney rock comes from Montana.

Architect Larry Pearson is a  renown Architect and captured the Zakopane style architecture superbly for the bolts and positioned this little  Vorwerk (caretakers cabin) perfectly on the lot.

This home resembles the Vikings home in Lake Tahoe in many ways but is more homey from my point of view. It was incredibly tedious to achieve the interface between the imported teak columns and carvings with the rough barn timbers and stone work. Right down to the custom chinking that was creatively color coordinated using fine sand that we blasted into the chinking for a more earthy look. The beautiful teak doors, custom carved cabinets, dinning buffet and floors are an amazing attribute to the old world look.   I cannot thank my crew enough for making this home something to be so proud of on the Williams Construction resume. They built the entire home with very few subcontracted trades and the workmanship is first rate.

Please visit Paul Bolts flicker site for more photos.


Mid-Winter Update

Although the ski industry and related businesses have suffered greatly from the lack of snow this winter, Williams Construction has been lucky enough to have the weather on its side. This has made it much easier to work outside on the siding and exterior accoutrements for the Bolt Residence, located in Grizzly Ranch. The interior embellishments that have been ordered for the Bolt Residence are really special and we look forward to being able to show you more photos when they arrive. In the meantime, a few updated photos of the work in progress can be seen here:


The Lund Cabin, in Graeagle, has been a fun project for us this year and is rapidly coming to close.  We received our final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy last week and we are now doing final cleaning and punch list items. We believe that this kind of timber frame construction will highlight the talents of the carpenters we have and hope this brings us additional specialty work. We’ve really enjoyed working with the hand-hewn timbers at the Lund Cabin as well as the antique barn wood timbers and interesting Viking carvings used on the Bolt Residence.  Congratulations to the Lund’s on getting their cabin in the woods complete! Updated photos of the Lund Cabin can be seen here:

Wishing you a happy February –

Fall Updates

The weather is changing once again in the Sierras and Williams Construction is busy trying to get everything buttoned up for the eminent arrival of more snow.

The Lund home in Graeagle is all under roof with windows in and exterior stain complete which is a good place to be going into for the winter. This home is getting a lot of notice because of its unique hand-hewn timber appearance (see the newest photos of the exterior here). Many people are stopping on the road to ask questions about it. The exterior masonry will be completed in the next few days and Dennis and Sheila Lund have picked out all their fixtures and tile so we are ready to go full steam ahead. This will be the first house we have done with absolutely no drywall in it anywhere. All of the walls and ceilings are to be wood. We hope to have Dennis and Sheila enjoying their new home by the end of the year.

The Bolt residence in Grizzly Ranch is framed and the roof sheathing is going on. We managed to get the majority of the roof paper installed just as the first snowflakes started to fall last Thursday. This will make the winter much more comfortable and efficient for us on this project.  This project is definitely engineered to last and we are sure that it will take much more than the 4.7 earthquake we had last week to move this stout little structure. We are scheduled to receive a container shipment of teak carvings and windows that go in on the building on November 10th.  We have updated photos of the Bolt home now on our website, you can see them here. The photos to the right show the kitchen island in transit from Indonesia, and below the 100 year old barn timbers for the Bolt home that recently arrived.

We also have some small jobs that we are scrambling to complete. We took on some work for the Old Greenwood Townhomes Association in Truckee to redo all of their entertainment centers, and we have a few repair jobs going in Serene Lakes (D0nner Summit) as well which are moving right along.

Happy fall from the crew at Williams Construction –  and as always if you need any construction work done, call us for an estimate.

Bolt Residence Highlights

The photo to the left shows the decorative piece that will go on the roof ridges of the Bolt Residence, located in Grizzly Ranch in Portola, CA. The piece is hand-carved from teak wood made in Indonesia. This is just one of many very unique items that will be featured on this custom home.  More details about the history origins and history of this piece can be found below:

The wooden architecture of the Russian North is very famous. As a rule, travelers are attracted by the splendid wooden churches erected by ancient architects, but decorations on ordinary peasant huts are also of considerable interest.

The double sloping roofs were usually reinforced by an okhlupen log (the roof ridge), on whose front end a conventional horse figure was carved. With time the wood darkened and became covered with patterns of moss, which gave the carving a special silvery tone.  The horse has been a favorite image of folk art from pagan times, when it symbolized the sun moving through the sky. Later the symbolism became simplified, but the horse was always linked with the concept of kind and loyal friendship.

Update on Cavin Home

The latest news on the Cavin’s new home in Whitehawk is that we are really really close to getting it done. We expect that John and Debbie will be able to spend the 4th of July at there new place with friends and family to join them. Right now the painter is almost done and the floor guy comes next week. The house is looking good (for current photos, click here)! Look for new photos of the finished product  in late June or early July.