Bolt House Completion


“Detail” is the most common word used to describe this home that we finally completed for Paul and Rebecca Bolt in Grizzly Ranch.  It is a small home that they call their jewel box but, it took awhile to build as it is full of  little intricacies.

The home is very green in most ways but not in some. With lots of materials imported from overseas (China and Indonesia) most of the materials in this home are reclaimed.

Paul Bolt is an Importer by trade and was able to provide us with carvings made from 100 plus year old reclaimed teak. The carvings are replicas of Norwegian carvings from many different sources in Norway and other locations in Europe or as he aptly calls it “the land of blue eyes”.

The timbers inside and outside of the house are all reclaimed 100 year old barn timbers from a couple of different barns sourced from Carlson’s Barn Wood in Illinois. I believe the original barn came from Canada. The stone floors are 500 year old Chinese temple stones and are 2″ solid granite. The Patio is 4″ solid granite. The fireplace and chimney rock comes from Montana.

Architect Larry Pearson is a  renown Architect and captured the Zakopane style architecture superbly for the bolts and positioned this little  Vorwerk (caretakers cabin) perfectly on the lot.

This home resembles the Vikings home in Lake Tahoe in many ways but is more homey from my point of view. It was incredibly tedious to achieve the interface between the imported teak columns and carvings with the rough barn timbers and stone work. Right down to the custom chinking that was creatively color coordinated using fine sand that we blasted into the chinking for a more earthy look. The beautiful teak doors, custom carved cabinets, dinning buffet and floors are an amazing attribute to the old world look.   I cannot thank my crew enough for making this home something to be so proud of on the Williams Construction resume. They built the entire home with very few subcontracted trades and the workmanship is first rate.

Please visit Paul Bolts flicker site for more photos.