Bolt Residence Highlights

The photo to the left shows the decorative piece that will go on the roof ridges of the Bolt Residence, located in Grizzly Ranch in Portola, CA. The piece is hand-carved from teak wood made in Indonesia. This is just one of many very unique items that will be featured on this custom home.  More details about the history origins and history of this piece can be found below:

The wooden architecture of the Russian North is very famous. As a rule, travelers are attracted by the splendid wooden churches erected by ancient architects, but decorations on ordinary peasant huts are also of considerable interest.

The double sloping roofs were usually reinforced by an okhlupen log (the roof ridge), on whose front end a conventional horse figure was carved. With time the wood darkened and became covered with patterns of moss, which gave the carving a special silvery tone.  The horse has been a favorite image of folk art from pagan times, when it symbolized the sun moving through the sky. Later the symbolism became simplified, but the horse was always linked with the concept of kind and loyal friendship.